Our Bedford base manufacturing facility of 7600 square feet is fully equipped with all the necessary tools and staff required to guarantee our delivery of a high quality product.


 Trumpf Trumatic 500R CNC Punching machine

 3 Metre long 8mm Colly Guillotine

 72 x 54 Table Pierce-All Punching machine

 200mm Boshert Corner Notching machine

 3 off Synergic Welding sets

 8 off Tig Welding sets

 2 off Arc Welders

 6 off Mig Welding sets

 2 off Spot Welding machines

 Plasma cutting machine

 4 off Capacitor Discharge Stud Gun M10 Capacity

 2 off 3 Metre Amada CNC 8 axis Brake Press 125T

 1.25 Metre Promicam Brake Press 20T

 2 off Fly Press

 Geka Metal Worker

 Band Saw

 2 off Pillar Drill

 Vanco Flexiband Linishing Machine

 D-BUR-R 111E Deburring Machine

 Fork Lift (2.5 Tonne)

 Ford Transit Van

 Ford Transit Flatbed (2 Metre x 4 Metre)


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